Lesson 7.1 - Read Serway Physics

Read Chapter 28.1-5 of Serway Physics textbook (EStIMATED 90 mins)

"Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (2018) 10th Edition" by Serway and Jewett

  • Chapter 28 - Magnetic Fields

    • 28.1 - Analysis Model: Particle in a Field (Magnetic)

    • 28.2 - Motion of a Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic Field

    • 28.3 - Applications Involving Charged Particles Moving in a Magnetic Field

    • 28.4 - Magnetic Force Acting on a Current-Carrying Conductor

    • 28.5 - Torque on a Current Loop in a Uniform Magnetic Field

    • (OPTIONAL) 28.6 - The Hall Effect

  • 18 pages (+2 optional pages)

  • (Section 28.6 is optional because it describes a phenomenon of conductors in magnetic fields that is not difficult to understand without reading the chapter, which goes into more quantitative depth than needed for the AP exam)

  • (You can skip the section on Cyclotrons in 28.3; I have never seen it tested on the AP exam. However, definitely read about velocity selectors and mass spectrometers)