AP Exam Review & Practice

Congratulations!! You've finished learning everything there is to know about E&M. Now it is time to practice, practice, practice. It is imperative that you practice official AP questions and not questions from other sources. Furthermore, I strongly recommend attempting these in the same manner that you will be doing them on exam day. That means no looking at notes and trying to finish within the allotted time:

Decide how many MCQs and FRQs you can afford to do, and prioritize the ones from more recent years. Starting from 2011 onwards, one of the three FRQ questions per year involve designing, plotting, and/or interpreting experimental data. Make sure you get sufficient practice with experimental data FRQs.

Below you will find information for every official AP MCQ and FRQ I've been able to find for E&M as of 2021/22.

Official MUltiple Choice Questions


Official Free Response Questions

APPCEM - Official FRQ List